Tenant FAQs

How do I become a tenant?
All applicants 18 or older who will occupy the unit must fill out the online application and pay a $40 non-refundable application fee. We will screen each applicant’s credit history, rental history (including past evictions) and criminal background. Once your tenancy has been approved, you will be asked to sign a lease and remit money for your rent and security deposit. No unit will be held until a deposit is received and a lease is signed. Please read the lease very carefully, because it is a legally binding document. If you violate the lease in any way, you may wind up losing the right to live in your unit. Rent collections are strictly enforced, as are pet policies. If you plan to get a pet, be sure you find out whether or not a pet will be allowed at that specific property before signing the lease. For specific questions, please contact us at leasing@shamrockmgt.com.

What are your credit and criminal history requirements?
Applicant must have good credit and sufficient income (generally speaking, 2.5 times the monthly rent amount). Applicants may be denied for felony convictions of crimes against persons or property. Applicants may also be denied for misdemeanor convictions of crimes against persons or property within seven years of disposition, release, or parole. Applicants may be required to submit additional information regarding the facts and circumstances of previous criminal convictions. Applicants may be denied for previous convictions for the illegal manufacture of distribution of a controlled substance.

When is my rent due and who do I make the check payable to?
Rent is due on the first of each month. You may pay in person or by mail at our office at 1229 N. Valley Mills Dr., Waco, TX 76710. There is a lockbox directly in front of the Kelly, Realtors main entrance that is clearly marked “Shamrock Property Management” for after-hours payments. Payments left in the box prior to the start of our normal business day will be considered received as of the business day prior. You may also make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments here. Rent is considered late if not received by the first of the month, but late fees will not accrue until the 6th. Please see your lease for specific late fee amounts.

I have an issue in my unit that needs maintenance.
Maintenance requests must be received in writing. Please fill out the online maintenance request form. If you have a maintenance emergency after hours, please call us at (254) 315-8302.

What should I do in an emergency?
In case of fire or medical emergency, please dial 911. Other non life-threatening property emergencies may be reported to our office at (254) 741-1027 or after hours at (254) 315-8302.

Who pays for repairs in my unit?
The landlord pays for normal repairs due to wear and tear. If a repair is required because of the direct action of a tenant or tenant’s guest (for example, your child breaks a window with a baseball), you will be responsible for the cost of the repair. You are also responsible for changing light bulbs, air conditioner filters, and smoke detector batteries.

What if I am locked out of my unit?
Contact our office at (254) 741-1027 or after hours at (254) 315-8302. There is a $25 fee for us to unlock your unit.

What happens when I lose my keys?
Contact our office to have your unit rekeyed. The tenant is responsible for the cost charged by the locksmith.

Can I get reimbursed for repairs I make on my own?

Can we sublet?
If you intend to move out early, you are still responsible for paying your rent through the end of your lease. Shamrock Property Management does not permit subletting. However, if you can provide an acceptable tenant who meets our application standards, Shamrock Property Management will allow them to sign a new lease and you may be released from the remainder of your lease term. You will still be responsible for all of the costs of breaking your lease, such as rekeying, paying the reletting fee, etc. which are outlined in your lease document.

I have a cosigner, is that okay?
We generally do not permit the use of co-signers or guarantors. Please see your leasing agent for questions about your specific situation.

Do you accept pets?
Many of our units accept pets, but not all. We do charge a non refundable pet fee, which varies depending on the property and number and type of pet. Due to insurance company restrictions regarding animals considered to be dangerous or aggressive, we do not allow the following dogs: Pit Bulls & Staffordshire Terriers, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Chows, Great Danes, Presa Canarios, Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Wolf-hybrids, or any mix of these breeds. Please contact our leasing agent for questions about a specific property or about a specific pet.

What about assistance animals?
An assistance animal is an animal that works, provides assistance, or
performs tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability, or provides emotional support that alleviates one or more identified symptoms or effects of a person’s disability. An assistance animal is not considered a pet and is not subject to a pet fee, however we do ask that you identify the animal on your application so that we are aware of the need for the assistance animal. If either your disability or the disability-related need for the assistance animal is not readily apparent or known to us, we may request you submit reliable documentation of your disability or disability-related need for the assistance animal.

Can I smoke in my unit?
No. Shamrock Property Management does not permit smoking in any of our properties. You may smoke outside your unit away from the building, as long as all ashes and cigarette butts are placed in an appropriate receptacle and the area is maintained in clean condition. Any signs of smoking in the unit may result in the loss of your security deposit at move-out.

May I have a roommate?
Yes, however, all adult occupants must be approved for tenancy and sign the lease agreement. In a roommate situation, both roommates are entirely responsible for the rent. We do not rent properties “by the bedroom.”

What do I do if a roommate leaves but I am staying?
Each person who has signed the lease agreement is responsible for the entire rent amount, regardless of how you may have split the cost between you. If a roommate moves out, the remaining roommate is still responsible for the entire rent amount. You may substitute a new roommate, but that person will need to fill out a rental application and is subject to approval. The security deposit is only refunded when the entire unit is vacant, and no partial refund is given when one roommate moves out. If one roommate wants to leave and someone else wants to live in the unit, that person needs to apply as a tenant and be approved. If you and your roommate do not get along, Shamrock Property Management is not obliged to intercede.

What is a security deposit?
A security deposit is used to hold the unit for you prior to move-in and is also used to ensure that you leave the unit in good condition. Any charges for excessive wear and tear or damages caused by you or your guests will be deducted from your security deposit after you move out.

Can a security deposit be used for the last month’s rent?
No. You are responsible for paying each month’s rent in full and may not elect to forego paying your last month’s rent.

I want to receive my full security deposit refund after I move out. What can I do to ensure that I receive as much as possible?
Please see the Cleaning List under Tenants>Resources. It has a list of guidelines for cleaning your unit before you move out. Generally, if you leave the unit in a clean, damage-free condition and return all keys and garage remotes, you will get your security deposit back.

Is a tenant entitled to notification before a landlord may enter the unit?
If you have requested maintenance on your unit, we will make every effort to take care of the situation promptly. Please do not submit a maintenance request if you do not intend to make the property accessible right away. Please leave any keyless deadbolts (the kind that can only be unlocked from the inside) unlocked and make sure your pets are crated or secured in a room that will not need to be accessed by the repair person. In many cases, we will try to contact you to let you know when the worker will be arriving. Some repairs may not require you to be home. If you have a specific situation that you need us to be aware of (for example, you work at night and sleep during the day) please make a note of that on your maintenance request so that we can be sensitive to your needs.

If you have given notice that you will be moving out within the next 30 days, we may enter the unit to show prospective new tenants during the hours of 8am and 5pm. We will attempt to contact you prior to showing the unit. If you do not permit our leasing agent to show the property, you are in violation of your lease.

I want to install cable or a satellite dish, what should I do?
For cable TV, contact one of the local cable TV providers (Time Warner or Grande) for installation. You may elect to use satellite service, but please note that satellite dishes may not be permanently installed on the structure.

How long can I have a visitor stay with me in my apartment?
After 14 days, a visitor is considered a permanent resident. All adult residents of the unit must fill out a lease application, pay an application fee, and pass a credit and background check. If you plan to have a roommate who is not currently on your lease, please contact your leasing agent.

Why do you charge a $40 application fee?
The application fee is required for each adult planning to live in one of our units. It allows us to cover the cost of running a credit check, checking rental history and income/employment verification, and performing a background check.