Now that we have reached the “perfect” time of year when warmer weather is upon us, we want to help you get ready! In order to prepare your air conditioning system for the increased usage that spring and summer bring, here is some helpful information:

  1. Know what your air conditioner can do. Air conditioners can normally keep your home 20 degrees cooler than outside. This means that if it’s 100 outside, you should only expect your system to get your home down to about80 degrees.
  2. It is easier for your air conditioner to cool your home if you set it on a moderate temperature all day instead of leaving it off while you’re at work. If you only turn it on when you get home, it will struggle to cool your home because the temperature will have risen too much and it will have to work too hard to lower the temperature (and use more electricity!)
  3. Check thermostat batteries. It is your responsibility to replace them.
  4. Remove any covers and clear obstructions to vents before starting the system for the first time. Make sure furniture isn’t blocking any return air vents.
  5. Change your system’s air filter. A dirty filter significantly reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner. Be sure to buy a filter of the same size; the size should be printed on the filter and you can bring the old filter into the store to make sure you’re buying a properly-sized replacement. You should change these filters once a month in the summer – more often if you have pets or often leave the windows open.
  6. Give your air conditioner a test run before it starts getting really hot outside.
  7. If the air conditioner won’t turn on at all, it is likely an electrical issue, so please reset circuit breakers and GFCIs before reporting the problem.
  8. If warm air blows and/or you notice the pipe on the outside unit appears to be frozen over, your freon levels may be low or there may be a leak. Let us know if you suspect this is the case!
  9. If you notice a leak from the air conditioning unit, please switch the unit off and notify us promptly. This typically is an indication that the condensation drain is clogged.

If you notice any problems with your air conditioner, please use your online portal to submit your maintenance request as soon as possible, and be as specific as you can regarding the problem. Indicate what temperatures you are experiencing inside and out, whether the system turns on at all, whether you have replaced the thermostat batteries and air filter, and what troubleshooting steps you have already followed. If you do not have an active online portal, please let us know.

Routine maintenance on your air conditioner is the key to a consistently cool summer and helps you avoid going without cool air while waiting for service.

Thank you!


Posted by: shamrock on April 25, 2017
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